A Shed Is A Growers Kingdom On Earth

I love going round the allotments near me.  They are reall old, probably one of the first allotment associations in the country still run the operation like a tightly controlled army exercise.  We used to have a half plot, but we didn’t rally make the most of it as it was in a heck of a state when we took it over for a grand £6.00 per annum.  We couldn’t control the infestation of ghastly nightmare weeds and I didn’t particularly want to use harsh chemicals on a plot where I planned to sew salad and vegetable items.  We struggled with the digging up of old materials and I damaged my right knee by overdoing the manual stuff.  We did like having our own shed there though.  Ours was very useful for sitting sipping tea;  sipping morning coffee, eating lunch, chatting to neighbours – all at much the same level of ineptitude.  We never handled much produce in it but would have done if we’d managed to grow any!