A Shed Is For Life – Not Just For Lawnmowers

In these days of having to use every single scrap of space for housing and community living, it is no surprise that many families are running out of this precious commodity.  The houses we have today are much brighter, more fitted, more comfortable but with growing families, they seem smaller than ever.  I say this but when I was growing up and visiting grandparents, their house must have seemed very big to us but thinking back, remembering their awfully cramped scullery kitchen, and the absolutely tiny bathroom, it wasn’t at all palacial.    Today’s families expect bigger and better all the time and new fitted kitchens are in fact bigger than the entire floor space of grandad’s house.  This is where the amazing family shed makes an entrance – it is fantastic to be able to have a shed for living – relaxing, careers, hobbies, storage (!).  A shed is for life’s supplementary luxuries.