Garden and outdoor space is very much on the list of ‘definite -not for compromise’ on shows where presenters are faced with the most impossible couples who want to either move out to the country, demanding country cottages with character, but then immediately rejecting them because they’re small, pokey and have beams.  Hello, cottages were generally held up by the beams, so they are a brilliant idea!  The other buyers are the smart city couples who want to move out of their city pad into their first home, also presenting an impossible list of must haves.  One thing in common with these two sets of challenges is the need to have a big outside space.  Many buyers insisting that the measly half acre on offer is nowhere near big enough.

And the reason they need this much space – for the shed.  Yes, the rise in popularity of the humbe shed has astounded many.  They fulfil every dream these days.