Calm Solace Gained From That Organised Garden Shed

I was watching a favourite sewing and crafting video recently – a very happy few minutes idled away watching someone else creating beautiful stuff.  I realised there was something different about the work area and background displays and it clicked, the show was now presented from a large, and very bright shed.  The host had a new work table with usual equipment but instad of having to juggle with cables and her ironing table, the new system had the cameras and other electrical needs under the table and up through the floor to avoid tripping over them.  This was really good design and very well thought out.  Life can be very busy at home but if a means of income can be gained from utilising a good sized shed in the garden, then safety and efficiency are absolute essentials.   Sheds offer comfort – even Grandpa’s old work room, full of oily aromas and busy tool boxes.  A place of relaxation and calm joy!