Camping In the Garden Shed Anyone?

The thought of being able to camp out in a garden shed is not one that’s featured heavily on my horizon until recently.    The little jaunt I was able to make in the summer to a camping hideaway site was so invigorating;  4 nights in a shepherds hut was fantastic fun.  It was to all intents and purposes a shed on high platform nestled between huge cartwheels.  The steps and bannister up to the tiny verandah and door were painted green and cream, echoing the main scheme of the hut.  How the owners had managed to get so much fitted into it was fascinating.   Of course they may well have had professional assistance as it had very safe feeling plumbed tap water and full mains power.  Not for me the nipping out to reset the camping hook up when the trip went!  The bed wasn’t quite Grandma’s feathered variety but it was a compact double, just long enough for me not to need to bend my knees to much.  And those cute shutters over the windows.  Ahh.  Happy days indeed.