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Appealing Thatched Hobby Craft Shed

I had the pleasure of wandering around a very well known garden the other week.  I was actually helping at the big house, acting as a room steward and visitor guide.  The garden is famous in its own right, and partiularly so for its dahlia collection.  Amid all the blooms were somewhat rickety old fences [Continue]

Preferring Shedlife To Glasshouse

Having a greenhouse gives me a sweaty anxious feeling – and tht perhaps anyone who knows I have one is going to expect me to produce tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and every other exotic vegetable.  The truth be told, I am not a very good vegetable gardener.  They need so much attention with constant watering [Continue]

Country House Splendour With Matching Sheds

I have recently been involved in a volunteeering project at a large country house.  Strangely it’s one that has not had an aristocractic family installed. Over the years since the very first house was built in 1618, ther have been only three families owning it.  In these 400 years, there has been one major change [Continue]

Living Her Dream With A Shed By Design

Ah the fantastic smell when you first enter the newly installed workplace that has found its way in to my neighbour’s back garden.  Never having been one for tidying up and over exerting herself on the housekeeping front, I assumed that this gorgeous new shed was just to put the acres of overspill that couldn’t [Continue]

A Shed Full Of Life And Memories

On a recent trip to an ancient relative’s house, there was an urgent need to clear the place and make good for renting as the relative had recently been installed in a nearby care home – with horrifying fees to be paid each month.  The idea was to simply strip each room one at a [Continue]

A Shed Can Be Designer Heaven

I have recently become very friendly with a lady in our walking group – it’s one of those friendships that you can pick up and leave off as time permits.  In the months since I joined in this healthy walking m’larky, I’ve chatted to other participants and then this one lady asked me about a [Continue]