A family day out the other week took in a heritage property of some note.  It had been at the top of the ‘must do this Spring’ list for the last two or three springs and at last we were there.  I had regularly visited this place many years ago when many of the artefacts were displayed in a selection of outdoor mobile rooms.  This was always fun to see how the family had made best use of the immediate garden area. The ‘sheds’ were substantial, definitely waterproof and warm.  Maybe a little snug if more than 5 folk rushed the doors at once but it gave a real meaning to sheds for living, as we have nowadays.

On this latest visit, I experienced the brand new visitor centre – a really gorgeous light, airy and welcoming space had been created  to resemble the early mobile exhibition  sheds.   Very modern but in no way detracting from the heritage element and a joy to behold!