Country House Splendour With Matching Sheds

I have recently been involved in a volunteeering project at a large country house.  Strangely it’s one that has not had an aristocractic family installed. Over the years since the very first house was built in 1618, ther have been only three families owning it.  In these 400 years, there has been one major change – from being a rather attractive and very large looking tudor E shaped house, in the 1700s, to the palladian red brick splendour we see today.  The current property is very attractive, small by normal stately home standards – but it does have the massive advantage of being set in a breath takingly peautiful landscape with excellent views from front and back.  This inspired generations to make something spectacular of the gardens.  Together with the victorian greenhouses are some fantastic working sheds.  Some hold garden design courses and the others are now the Education centre for local students.