Crafty Shed Life Is So Wanted Here

Oh how I could use a really good shed – in fact I could have two if possible.  One for the garden equipment, pots, compost, tools etc. that are now displaced about the garden and garage.  The other shed would a fantastic work room for my new favourite hobby of sewing.  This started in a simple way at the start of the first lockdown in March – a pal of mine, not known for her sewing prowess, startled me by saying she was making scrubs bags for front line staff.  They were depserately needed . . .  so using all the spare pillow cases I pocessed, I dug out my never used sewing machine and did the same.   27 bags later, I developed an unquenchable thirst for more sewing to do and now my dining room is a craft room with fabrics, yarns, all manner of crafting gear everywhere – it looks like I’ve been burgled most of the time and I have to clear it all up if I want to actually use it as a dining room!