Exciting Ways to Do Up Your Shed

Have you been conveniently “forgetting” to clean out that cluttered shed? Creating your shed is the perfect motivation for finally getting it done. Go through all those old garden tools and boxes, then donate what you don’t need anymore and organize the rest for storage.

Don’t have an old shed already sitting around your backyard? You can buy an easy-to-build kit at your local tool store.

Taking your shed from ordinary to oh-so-cute starts with the exterior. Paint it a calming colour like light blue, or a feminine shade of purple or light yellow will instantly give it new life. The point of your shed is to have a quiet space that allows you to embrace a hobby that’s important to you.

If you’re not an avid crafter or gardener, your shed can simply be used as a quaint place to hang out. Decorating she shed isn’t about spending lots of money—it’s about creating a space that feels relaxed and cosy. So look to flea markets and antique shops for unexpected finds.