You know how it is, you have some great ideas for starting up a business.  Hundreds of fantastic designs are flooding your head and you can’t wait to get on and make a stab at it.  But there’s one massive fly in your ointment.  You don’t have space.  The children already take up all the sitting room and half the dining room.  The garage is stacked out with everything from garden equipment to Granny’s old antique table.   You  need some quiet and solitude. You need space.

Help is at hand.  Hundreds of folk up and down the country have made use of a small spot in the back garden.  No, not that dank space behind the veg patch.  But a small rectangle of land for a garden shed with a nice sliding window in one side and a stable door entry.  Pop in a workbench, fix up some power and lighting.  Comfy seating and a kettle.  Paradise!