Appealing Thatched Hobby Craft Shed

I had the pleasure of wandering around a very well known garden the other week.  I was actually helping at the big house, acting as a room steward and visitor guide.  The garden is famous in its own right, and partiularly so for its dahlia collection.  Amid all the blooms were somewhat rickety old fences and bench seating – I think the theme was meant to reflect a forgotten era from the 1920s.  What appealed to me as much as the floral displays behind the wonderful old greenhouses and peeking behind the walled garden were a fantastic selection of garden sheds.  These looked as though they’d been there forever.  These sheds were every shape and size – not manufactured in a smart factory – no these were made lovingly of planks of oak and other woods – two have really old., fragile windows and two had rudimentary thatched roofs.  Perhaps a obby craft taken up but abandoned before anyone became expert!