Lots of folk around where I live are struggling to decide if it’s a good time to sell and either size up.  Though frankly where anyone would size up to is questionnable – these are pretty large executive homes as they are.  But believe it or not, families need even more space these days – for leisure equipment, huge tv screens and all the ‘boxes’ that now seem to be vital.  In the kitchen too, not just an ordinary under the counter fridge with integral ice box will surface – no, we need the huge American inspired larder fridge/freezer with plumbed in water for drinking, large coffee machines that sort, grind and roast the beans before brewing.

No wonder the need for sheds has really taken off .  Not just that potting shed with garden tools and battered sun chairs.  There are brilliant life style sheds out there for any purpose, offering space – and solitude from the rest of the clan!