Luxurious Holiday Sheds By The Sea

I was intrigued by a programme on tv the other week – a change from the usual fare of couples looking for the perfect holiday home somewhere hot.  they don’t want to spend much money but turn their noses up at bedrooms that are too small or the outlook is a grim brick wall etc.  Of course, there’s usually a prize property at the end, that saves the host’s blushes.  It’s funny that we don’t have a lot of programmes featuring a search for holiday homes here in UK.   That is odd because many families do now enjoy owning a 2nd home and many of these are basically very large sheds.  With the advances of technology and build quality, it’s possible to make a truly luxurious holiday home from the same materials but with proper insulation, power and services laid on, they make wonderful temporary homes.   Inf fact, many a family would be pleased for the chance to live in theirs all year round.