Potting & Propogating Ideas So Need That Shed

Sheds in themselves, shown in catalogues or magazines, never light my fire persay.  However once I start looking into the real thing, at a garden centre or other out of town home and garden emporium, then ideas flood my brain and my imagination goes into overdrive.   The idea of being able to store my vastly expanding collection of compost bags, fertiliser and all those tools – that are now crowding the sie of my garage.   I have a very handy tool caddy – wheeled with grippers to hold long handled tools and it’s got space underneath for a few small boxes, tubs etc. but we don’t buy anything small these days, do we?!   A potting shed has never seemed so attractive  before and I may well be looking at the vast selection available quite soon.  Getting myself geared up for next spring and all the thrill of propogating all those baby plants that I can’t help nurturing whenever I have a pruning session – I just can’t bear to throw thos possible babies away!