Repatriated From Sunny Climes to Sunnier Shed

I hae been watching new neighbours with great interest.  They moved in last summer but as always, it took a while for them to settle in and feel that they belong.  Part of this heeling in process has been to retrieve a lot of their pocessions from various lock ups and storage locations.   As a family, they have moved around a bit – and have had homesin a variety of countries and continents.  This has caused them to bring back various items that they couldn’t bear to part with once being repatriated. . . .  So they engaged a company that deals with sheds for living proper lives out of.  Not just storage.  No, this shed is a multi functional affair – opens right out at the front to make the most of the daytime sun hours and good evenings.  There is seating in the front area and lighting with kettle heating.  This shed smells devine whenever we enter it.  I get invited to ‘shed it’ regularly these days!