Therapist Studio Needing Space For Living

This is something to be said for having your own property with a garden and a garden shed can be very useful . . . . .I know of a sweet young mum who has been operating as a beautician above a local keep fit centre – they were subletting to her.   She’s been there for over four years and until 9 months ago was content with her lot.  Things changed when the young ladies below seemed to become less attentive to their business – it was never open at the originally advertised hours and their customers were beginning to get the hump.  Then they dropped a bombshell by telling her to quit and remove her studio equipment with only one months notice.    Big problems – she’s driving to client’s homes at the moment but she could well run her studio from a living shed structure in her back garden – they are heatable and can be plumbed.  Obvously permission is needed from the appropriate planning dept.  But this would be a wonderful solution to a major headache.