One of the most challenging things a family has to achieve these days is keeping a controlling hand on all the junk that gradually takes over all the spare living space a house can offer.  The garage, once the pride and joy of the man of the house, with his Rover or Humber proudly residing all week between the Sunday drives, is now a double or triple sized and yet very few families do actually put any car in them.  They get taken over as a temporary depository for everything that doesn’t quite have a proper home.  Camping gear, dog training, children training, Dad training equipment.  Mini gyms with frightening looking weight apparatus looms threateningly whenever the light is switched on.  Tea chests from the last move 10 years ago.  And of course, the stuff that has no category, but simply cannot be got rid of at all ever.

That’s when a clear tidy shed is needed – for relaxing in when nowhere else seems safe!